• What’s LUXWI?

The original lock made to ensure your watch stays with you, no matter how active your life happens to be.


  • Where is it produced?

LUXWI is designed in Denmark and we work with the world's leading watch strap manufacturer HIRSCH in Austria to craft LUXWI. Every piece is hand-made and refined with exacting attention to detail and designed for comfort whether you're sailing, swimming or dancing.


  • What can I use it for?
LUXWI lock is made to secure luxury watches in outdoor activities and modern urban life. For example, if you're parachuting, navigating a yacht (or as for most of us just being on the sea), you can be assured your watch will be there when you land. You can even take LUXWI with you to parties and festivals, and live your life with no fear of suddenly losing your watch.
  • How does it function?
Use LUXWI in 3 simple steps. 
  • Measure the lock to fit your bracelet width
  • Put on your watch
  • Slide the lock under your bracelet, secure it and you are good to go! 
See instructional video here.
  • Why do I need LUXWI?

Because every watch has a story worth protecting. No matter if you are a frequent traveller, watch lover, outdoor enthusiasts, party animal, fashionista, etc., if you live an active life, you wear watches all the time and you want to secure your watch, LUXWI is the go-to enabler. It can simply unlock life for you and your watch.


  • Can the lock protect me from a robbery?
NO, LUXWI lock cannot protect you from a robbery.
We focus on creating products that can help prevent the sneaky trick-theft of watches, and accidental loss during outdoor activities. We trust law enforcement to deal with robbery, but we don’t encourage anyone to risk their safety for their watch or anything else for that matter. However, as an alternative to a plastic strip (we know some people are using this), the LUXWI lock can be taken off.
  • Will it leave marks/scratches on the bracelet?

Wrong use or incorrect mounting could potentially leave some small hairline scratches on a brand-new watch. But in general, it is built to protect the watch. And our experience is, that it also protects the part of the strap that normally could get small scratches from a table e.g., when using a computer, since the little lock is in the way. Please follow our guide video to install LUXWI correctly.


  • How can I know if it fits my watch? Do you have different sizes?

LUXWI was designed to fit a variety of watch brand straps and clasps. The size can be easily adjusted. But we have a small and large version coming soon!

See the instructions here to discern if your watch is LUXWI compatible.

Height: 0,4 cm - 0,6 cm

Width: 1,6 cm - 1,9 cm

See how to measure your watch clasp here.


  • Do you ship to India/Asia/USA?

Yes, we ship LUXWI worldwide.


Don' t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.